Panel Filter with Acid and Alkali Resistance

Two aluminum frame panel filter have expanded mesh as protective mesh.

Aluminum Frame Panel Filter

Aluminum frame panel filter has light weight, sturdy structure and long life for filtration or ventilation in high temperature, acid environment.

Three SS frame panel filters have pleat woven media mesh and handles.

Stainless Steel Frame Panel Filter

Stainless steel frame panel filter is resistant to corrosion, acid, alkali and high temperature for ventilating and air filtering.

There are three galvanized frame panel filters which have two diamond expanded protective mesh filters and a square perforated perforated mesh filter.

Galvanized Frame Panel Filter

Galvanized frame panel filter can be resistant to corrosion, wear, high temperature, acid and alkali used in building, range hood, air conditioning.

There is a square compress knitted wire mesh panel filter.

Knitted Mesh Panel Filter Element

Knitted mesh panel filter element is used to used to ventilate or filter air with corrosion, acid, alkali resistance.

A cartridge air filter has pleated media mesh, woven protective mesh and frame.

Air Filter Cartridge

Air filter cartridge has light weight, strong strength, corrosion resistance for filtering dust, air and fuel.